Hey there!

I’m Sarah.  Your go-to for Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategy.  After working as a content marketing strategist I started to  notice a common thread among my clients – the confusion surrounding facebook ads, and the need for paid strategy help .

So, I set out on a mission to hone my skills and master Facebook and Instagram Ads, so I could be the go-to expert you’re looking for.

And fun fact: I discovered my ad strategy course through—you guessed it—a Facebook ad!

Ads aren’t just about reaching your ideal clients; they can change lives, mine included. Let’s team up and make your ads work wonders for your business!

“ Sarah quickly came up with effective solutions for allowing me to launch and market an important business offering. She also created a variety of social media templates for my business that were right on target with my business branding.”

Karen Doyle Buckwalter